The transparent supply chain

In a market where consumers pay more and more attention to the history about the products they’re going to eat, and to the processes related to their production, we provide a tool that will tell and prove the quality of the production chain.

Today, to prove and to "explain the quality” we need to know How, Where, When and by Whom the product was made. By giving detailed information about the olive grove, about the whole supply chain and the production environment we aim to give a response to a specific and growing need of consumers: to have access to the entire history of the product.



Thanks to the new tools for data acquisition and communication which allow you to have a virtual- interactive access to the production places, ProdottoD’Italia gives the consumer the opportunity to enjoy, regardless of distance, the entire production chain for products that are purchased, revolutionizing the relationship between producer and consumer, and giving to the supply chain the key player role accessible remotely.

The challenge of ProdottoD’Italia is precisely to trigger a new cultural approach that evaluates a different meaning to the word "quality" and a greater awareness to the consumer.

How are we going to tell the story of a product? Sensors and HD webcam connected in wi-fi directly in the supply chain are designed to tell scientifically and visually the story of the product!

Thanks to the fundamental collaboration of Primo Principio, the Sardinian cooperative specialized in ICT solutions for agriculture and focused on the project VirtualZero for the transparency of the wine industry, we placed some HDTV cameras in an olive grove and in the places of olive oil production and processing (the mills) and some sensors for ad-hoc monitoring of the entire production chain (air, water, earth, electromagnetic fields). While the ad-hoc sensors allow the environmental monitoring of the supply chain, providing specific and detailed information on the agricultural ecosystem, HDTV cameras have instead the aims to capture the extraordinary work of man and nature, and to reconstruct the path from the olive to the olive oil in a transparent way.

The aim is to communicate to the market the quality and the uniqueness of our products, even by spreading some technical details about the current climate and environmental situation, and about the state of health of the whole territory and supply chain. The virtual visit to the places of production has meant to make the supply chain transparent.

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