The history of O'you


Apulia has always been a region of people tied to the land and like all the South of Italy, even the Salento peninsula, has a farming tradition which has its roots deep in the mists of time.
It is a land which dislike sudden change, it is a slow pace place, where the passing of time marked by modern civilization seems to bring a reverent respect for nature and for its cyclical periods. The very old olive trees surrounded by red earth are among its witnesses of times.

This is the reference scenario we chose to start from and this is the one we want to let you know, bringing it directly to your table. The olive tree is undoubtedly one of the most representative symbols of our land, the real bond between past and present, and that’s why our idea originates from the desire to enhance its fruits and to tell its story.

ProdottoD’Italia, thanks to the real time data and images, brings the unique peculiarities concerning the morphology of the Apulia’s territory directly to your table, aware that the road to a more efficient and sustainable economic development gets through the necessary enhancement of the traditional olive growing.

O'You is in this sense a carrier of innovation precisely where the tradition is the protagonist.

  • .. watching the olive trees sloping down to the sea, some on this side some others beyond the rocks, with pieces of its roots starring at the sun, I wondered how men didn’t get mad by the desire to live among the trees
    Maria Corti L’ora ditutti
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