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Alessandro Valignano contest

ProdottoD'Italia won, exactly between 2014 and 2015, the first prize of the Alessandro Valignano contest: a competition organized by the Italian Chamber
of Commerce in Japan to promote the Italian business on the Japanese market. ProdottoD'Italia has been chosen as a company that best represents the dynamism
and the exclusiveness of the Made in Italy in the world thanks to the quality and the innovative character of the product O'you.
An account of ProdottoD’Italia has been working overseas since 2015 and its aim is to shorten the distances between our product and the Japanese consumers.

principi attivi

Principi attivi

ProdottoD'Italia is among the winners of the regional competition “Principi Attivi” with the project: “ProdottoD’Italia: l’Export a Km0” (“ProdottoD'Italia: Exporting in a zero food miles fashion”).

Principi Attivi is a project supported by Apulia region to help the participation of young people from Apulia to the active life and territorial development through the funding of plans designed and carried out by young people.

Project Partner

Primo Principio Co-operative. “Primo Principio” (www.primoprincipio.it) co-operative was founded in the summer of 2011 and is primarily focused on the Virtual Zero project which is part of "Wi-Wine": the Virtual Zero service dedicated to wine production chains which, using Wi-Fi coverage of the wineries areas and vineyards, allows delivering access to the Internet.
Exploiting their expertise and collaboration, we proposed in the olive sector what they brilliantly realized in the ​​wine industry, emphasizing O'You: the pilot project on the applicability of wireless solutions also in olive cultivation!

O'You is the transparent supply chain brand of extra virgin olive oils realized thanks to the founding of Apulia region.

Export ... in a zero food mile fashion?

T The changing technologies, along with the growing consumers demand for transparency and information, require zeroing the distances between producers and consumers also in the global market, where the real geographical distances are not negligible.
In this context, what really matters is not the distance in kilometers, but the one "perceived" by the consumer and based on the amount and on the quality of information he can gets about products and their reliability, and the level of "monitoring and verification" of information that the consumer can exercise.
That’s because the consumer’s evaluation criteria are often based on purely external elements, such as color or density of the olive oil, without rational elements to give them the ability to choose a product or another. The lack of transparency of information creates a flattening of the market, so that products of different quality have to compete on the same level and with the same price.
According to ProdottoD’Italia, telling the story of a product becomes more important and functional than drawing the consumer's attention.
While corporations are entering the global market with mass retail channel and with an aggressive pricing policy, we intend to differentiate along a different path: the one aiming to preserve the quality of the products we intend to trade, trying to bring directly on the consumer’s table the landscapes, the feelings and the peculiarities of the land from which they come from, with the philosophy of the (virtual) zero food miles.

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