It’s the dawn of an October morning. From the secular branches shaped by the time, expert hands pick the fruits of the Salento peninsula, an ancient and sparing land. Our love for the olive oil, the good one, is part of our culture and guide us so that each drop can reach you as a genuine and precious gift of nature.

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  Premium Oil D.O.P. Oil Organic Oil
Extraction Cold Extraction Cold Extraction Cold Extraction
Color Golden yellow with green refrections Dark green with yellow reflection Golden yellow with green reflections
Density Full bodied Full bodied Full bodied
Bouquet Fruity, persistent and delicate of freshly picked olives Fruity with a right level of olive maturity and a slight hint of leaf Fruity of freshly picked olives
Taste Soft, delicate, remember just pressed olives, slightly bitter with a pleasant hint of almond Harmonious taste between bitter and spicy pleasing to all palates Aromatic with pleasant spicy-bitter aftertaste
Recommendations It is recommended for use on pizza, salads, vegetables and as a base for sauces and fryng Best as condiment for soups, meats and vegetables Ideal for grilled fish, beef carpaccio and salads
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