Our Story

ProdottoD’Italia has its origins in a family business: the Mandurinos’ farm, a family-run company founded in 1985 in Martano ( Lecce ), in the south of Italy, right in the heart of Salento. The farm specializes immediately in vegetables growing, but above all in the production of a very high quality extra-virgin olive oil. It soon stood out in the district market for the genuineness of its product and for the working production processes, always respectful of natural environment. Just as people made them once.

In 2011 we have a step down in favour of the Mandurinos’ son: Roberto. He’d like to expand the trade exchanges on condition that he can preserve the quality and genuineness of his products.

To set up a company able to take its place on an international market, in addition to the best produce and production and working processes respectful of natural environment, he needed some technological and communicativeness investments, essential to show the market the quality of its product.

According to this point of view Roberto and his partners draw up a project for the internationalization and technological innovation of the society. Their project was one of the winners in the regional competition “Active Principles: young ideas for a better Apulia” with the project “Prodotto d’Italia: export at Km0”. It is a work about the promotion of the traditional olive- growing and the transparency of the olive chain which awarded a prize for being one of the most innovative entrepreneurial ideas.

ProdottoD’Italia srl starts in 2013. Its purpose is to gather the best Italian agricultural products and to export them to satisfy the request of the consumers in new areas of the market through some produce, first of all the extra-virgin olive oil whose quality, origin and environment can be certified in an innovative way, thanks to the use of the latest technologies.

  • Winner of "Principi Attivi 2012"

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